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Need to report a case of legionnaires disease ?

If a case of Legionnaires disease has been confirmed, then it has to be reported to the HSE by the site, even if the cause if possibly not from the workplace, under RIDDOR - this can be done online by clicking here


The LCA is a voluntary organisation whose primary aim is to keep water systems safe and minimise the risk of cases of Legionnaires' disease caused by poorly maintained systems.

Their website can be found here


Water regulations advisory scheme

The WRAS looks to promote the knowledge of Water Regulations throughout the UK.

Their website can be found here


Working closely with the HSE, PHE looks to protect the population from infection by working with others to control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Their website can be found here

Water management society

The WMS offers informed and experienced assistance in all matters relating to the responsible management of water in industry and commerce - click here to visit their website

British association of chemical specialties

BACS is a trade association representing and promoting interests of manufacturers, formulators, end-users and service providers operating in the specialty and performance chemicals sector of the chemical supply chain - click here to visit their website

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